06 mei 2020

Hello Guys!

We have some fantastic news! WE MAY OPEN AGAIN!
Before telling you more about the details, we hope that you guys are all safe and make sure you keep safe!

Then: We will open Monday 11th of May!
You can book the court via the link in the bottom. This is the quickest way and then you are sure that you have booked a court! You can also contact me to book a court, however the quickest way is to do it via the link. Feel free to book a court during the day for a better price.

We will also continue with the padellessons. We will contact the current groups. If you want to follow some lessons as well, contact me and let’s arrange it. We expect that it gets busy this period.

We still must follow some rules. We will put that on our site soon.
The most import thing: If you do not feel well, stay home.

Feel free to send this message to your padelfriends and let's play padel! Let's make it a perfect padelseason together!

We hope to see you soon and safe!

Padel Dam

LINK: https://playtomic.io/wl/91f3391e-6010-11e8-8674-52540049669c?q=PADEL~2020-05-06~~~



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