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Padel is the perfect team-building activity!

Companies like Rabobank, ING, Idexx, Decathlon or KPMG already enjoyed the padelfun during our clinics!

Come now to Padel Dam with your colleague's or friends and get your padel clinic organized by us!

We offer different clinic options for groups from 8 to 32 people!
You will receive professional padel lessons and play lots of fun padel matches, guided by professional padel instructors. 

If you are interested please get in touch with the club and we will make you an offer adapted to your needs.

See you soon at Padel Dam!! Vamos!


Padel day: Every sunday from 12:00 to 17:00h.

For just 7€ per person you can play the whole time. We will put you in groups per level and the idea is that we all mingle with different players from our level and play as much as possible. The perfect chance to get to know new padel players and have a lot of fun on and off the court!

Feel free to join and bring your friends. The more we are the more we can play!

Don't worry if you don't have a racket, you can rent one for just 2,50€ and balls will be provided for free.

So gather your sport gear and see you this sunday at Padel Dam!

• What to bring
sport gear.

• Important to know
Matches are organised per level.
Even if you don't see enough people confirmed through meetup, don't worry, there are always other members of the club present who are also playing.

Hasta pronto!
Padel Dam Amsterdam.

Nieuw seizoen, nieuwe lesgever, nieuwe lessen!

De winterlessen lopen weer af, vandaar dat het weer tijd wordt om je weer in te kunnen schrijven voor de zomerlessen van 2019. Deze lessen duren vanaf 1 april tot eind september (in de vakanties en op feestdagen worden er geen lessen gegeven. Feestdagen worden ingehaald in de inhaal weken). 

Vanaf dinsdag 2 april zal ook onze nieuwe lesgever Ron Tuijp van RTRacketsports beginnen met het verzorgen van lessen samen met onze huidige trainer Marc.
Ron zal elke dinsdagavond aanwezig zijn om lessen te verzorgen.

Er kan gekozen worden voor een serie van 4, 8 of 16 lessen.

□ Groepsles 3 a 4 personen, 1 uur 
4 lessen: € 68,- p.p 
8 lessen: € 120,- p.p 
16 lessen: € 216,- p.p 

□ Losse privéles: 1 persoon, 1 uur 
1 les: € 50,- 

14, 15, 16, 17 (ma 2e paasdag, za koningsdag), 19, 20, 21, 22 (do hemelvaart), 23, 24 (ma 2e pinksterdag), 25, 26, 27, 28, 35, 36, 37, 38 (inhaal), 39 (inhaal), 40 (inhaal). 

Voor elk niveau is een passend lesaanbod. 
Meld je snel aan via marc@padeldam.nl en raak ook besmet met het padelvirus! 
Hasta pronto!




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